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I want to make this simple.

I’m a writer/producer who works with some
fantastic designers, art directors, media buyers
and web developers to produce a wide range of work
for clients, agencies and production companies.

I’ve made it easy to find out more about my services.
The Four W’s tell you more about who I am
and how I approach the communication business.
The Fifth W provides samples of the work
I’ve produced over the years.

I hope you find something you like and
I welcome your inquiries.

Who is this guy?

Sadly, I was not born in a log cabin. It would have made such a great beginning to every cocktail conversation. Instead, it was a New York apartment where I became a founding member of the baby boom. As such I demanded everything from a Davy Crocket coon skin hat to MTV.

I was educated with some Jesuits, survived the 60’s at the University of Colorado in Boulder (or so I am told) and found the love of my life at a college dance. Then I stumbled into advertising – and fell in love for the second time.

I’ve worked for Insurance companies and small agencies. Started my own agency and built it to 16 people with $15-million in billing only to see it fold in the recession of the early 90’s. One door closed and another opened.

I wandered to Australia and worked on a TV series, The Great Trains of Australia, and wrote fifty episodes of the children’s TV show, Here’s Humphrey.

I help promote hospitals and car dealers. Senior care retirement communities, international resorts and banks. Insurance companies and electronic retailers. Along the way I moved to San Francisco.

I got in at the tail-end of the dot com boom. It was exhilarating. It was educational. It was a grand adventure. And then I returned to Connecticut where I continue doing what I have developed a small talent for. Writing and producing marketing materials for companies and agencies large and small.

What does he believe?

I love quotes.

Famous quotes from the famous and the not so. I love them because they so often seem to encapsulate exactly what it is I would have said if I had been bright enough or insightful enough or impulsive enough or brave enough to...say it.

In the world in which I have made my career, one quote seems to me to be both particularly true and particularly pertinent.

“It isn’t creative unless it sells.”

Certainly I am an admirer of the well-turned phrase or the catchy catch phrase. But according to a sage client of mine from the mid-70’s (who was in his mid-70’s at the time) “unless the cash register rings, it’s just a bunch of words.”

This pained me for I was in love with words. Most often, my own. It took me at least a decade to love them less to fully understand that the business we are in is the subtle art of persuasion.

And unless we persuade – there is no commerce.

To persuade we must understand our consumer. Become that engineer. The car buyer. The worried heart patient or bottom-line oriented CFO. We must dig to determine what’s in the head of the buyer of those biscuits or the donor of that hospital wing. Only when we understand what drives them should we resort to...words.

So, if you want any insight to my character or want to know why I always seem to be asking, “why...” it is because I am committed to uncovering that particular fact – that kernel of truth – that will motivate a consumer to do what they do best. Make the cash register ring.

Where does he get his help?

Man doth not live by words alone. Sometimes he needs art direction and design. Or radio production. Or web skills-sets, consumer research, media-buying or television production.

So I work with only the very best people – people I’ve worked with for years - when there is something that I need that I am not skilled enough to undertake.

Why Does He Do This?

I love the challenges.
I love the work.
I love being part of business success.

The Work

I have had the opportunity to work with some great clients and great creative people. Here is where you can see the result of those collaborations.