Phil clement creative advertising


Over the past thirty years I’ve written, produced and directed more than 500 television commercials, many when I owned and operated my own advertising agency and we did work for Oldsmobile, Connecticut Department of Special Revenue and the Connecticut Hospital Association. However, to demonstrate something a bit more contemporary, I’ve posted one spot here. I wrote and directed the spot for Avid Advertising and their client Comcast.

Our task was to put a “face” on the bundled services of high speed Internet, TV and digital phone services. Our approach was to suggest that it was a pretty smart idea and that everyone who chose the Triple Play must live in that idyllic community known as...Smartville.

When I was with Aiello my goal was simply branding. I wanted everyone in my target demo to think of one company when it came to plumbing, heating, a/c and electrical service. I wanted to not only be the dominate brand, I wanted top of mind awareness in a category that often doesn’t have a leader. So by branding strongly we could become the de facto leader in the market. Created a mnemonic for Aiello - say, “Hello, Aiello” and we said it everywhere. Here’s how we looked on TV

One Job Done Right
Fright Night
Mr. President
Bud Knows Best
Bundled Man